what is our philosophy?

look, we've been doing projects for years and let us tell you one thing: philosophy is what defines a company. it's how we work. it's how we act. it's a code, and we have one, which we apply in everything we do. please, read.

  1. we don't give you a dossier of 30+ pages with who we are, how good we are, how great would be work with you, how we like to save the whales (we kind of like it!), etc. we like to work, not to write
  2. we don't charge extra money if things get complicated. if estimation was 20 hours for a feature and at the end it's 30, it's our fault. we should have made a better estimation
  3. we won't try to sell you the next big technology. new technologies are great, new frameworks are great, but using the last trending thing in tech means more work hours and more money being spent by you. we'll suggest based on what's best for your project, not for our budget. really. we do that
  4. we don't charge anything on advance. "don't you?" nope. as said in the front, we choose our clients and that means that if we'd like to work with you, we'll give you results before bills. first payment is always made afte first delivery. this is how it works
  5. we expect the same as we offer. you want your project done on time, no surprises, no delays, no extra cost, in a professional way, as business must be made. we give you that and we ask for the same
  6. we don't like meetings. meetings make people lose time and money. mail, ticket system, twitter direct messages, skype, whatever you want to use, we'll adapt to it, but we'll try to avoid meetings as much as possible
  7. everything is possible but we sometimes say "no". let us put this straight: if you want a corporative site for your company and want to implement a brilliant idea, a special idea, that you think it's absolutely gorgeous but means to double the cost and we don't see the point, we'll try to tell you "no". if you insist, we'll do it, as it's your money, and you can waste it however you want, but we'll try to explain you why it's a bad idea
  8. everything is possible and we sometimes say "yes". let us put this straight (again): if, in the previous case, we think that it's actually a good idea but we can offer you a better or different way of doing it, even though that means less development hours (and less money), we're going to tell you
  9. we don't do communication. we design and we develop. we know that it's not the usual agency role but we stick to what we're experts on. moreover... do you think that we can communicate after read this site? really?
  10. we don't work in your offices. we have two lovely offices in London and Switzerland. rainy and cloudy and all that. we'll go to your offices for our meetings but we work where we like to. sometimes we'll work from the sunny Spain. oh, lovely paella. you should try it.

that's all. simple